Why Train Here?

Some students train with Sensei Melaugh to stay in good health or in good shape. Others want the empowerment of Sensei Melaugh's street-wise jujitsu and practical street self protection.

Parents enrolled their sons and daughters for the self discipline, concentration and sense of accomplishment and practical self defense for the street.

Here's why you should train here.


  • At the N.E.S.C.J.A. both youth and adult classes are taught by Sensei Ed Melaugh an 9th degree Black Belt in Small Circle Jujtisu, and the highest ranking black belt in the United States. 
  • Only NE Small Circle Black Belts are only eligible to teach classes.
  • Asst. instructors are used along side a certified NESCJ Black Belts.
  • Youth Black Belt club members asst. Sensei Melaugh in Golden Eagles and Super Samurai classes.
  • Our instruction is based on the bring out the best each student.


  • The youth classes are designed to mirror the adult classes
  • From as early as the Golden Eagles, children learn age appropiate techniques that help them gain the confidence needed when dealing with the bully or aggressive child.
  • A strong foundation is built to transition from Golden Eagles to Super Samurai right into the Adult classes.
  • All syllabus's are based on practical self protection for the street and are age for all NESCJ programs.
  • When you are promoted it's because you earned it not how long you have been there.
  • You earn everything ate the NESCJA

Street Practical Approach

  • Children learn skills that will assist them with managing everyday situations, weather in school or outside of school with a priority on keeping your child safe.
  • Stranger awareness and avoidance
  • Dealing with bullies and bullying situations
  • Conflict avoidance

What our students and parents have to say.

"Ed Melaugh is an inspiring and gifted teacher, it doesn't matter if there is one person or twenty people in class he will give his full attention to you.

He has boundless energy and explains, shows the techniques patiently but expects his students to put in an 100% effort into their training. as a teacher myself, I appreciate the dedication and commitment to excellence" Sue Fiore

"I couldn't be happier at the NESCJA ! My son loves the program,kids,and instructors. Here, he is taught real practical self defense and is exposed to training that assists him in dealing with everyday issues that deals with as a 9 year old." Mr. Mollung

"My daughter loves coming to class. She is learning so many important things that give her confidence to deal with things on the outside and in school." Mrs. M.

All 3 of my children attend Sensei Melaughs classes. They have so much fun and love being involved in everything in class, in Sensei Melaughs classes the kids are not sitting around waiting for their turn, everything is fast paced and exciting. I am so glad I made the decision to bring my chidlren to the NESJA. Mrs. D.

"I have been with Sensei Melaugh since Aug.of 1990, I am now an instructor under him. He has brought SCJ to a differnat level, coming to class we are always training hard and classes are alot of fun.
We have a great group of adults in the school." Chuck Boeri

Monhdil Jose is a Marine Corps reservist and union carpenter. He and his wife, Shelley Bell, and their children live in Reading. He has impressive physical strength, a fact noted by other students. “I work with concrete,” he says, and laughs. “I guess it's genetics.”

But why train here?

“This is the only [martial] art that comes close to street fighting,” Jose said.

“A lot of the other arts are just boxing and kicking from a distance. Here you get up close and personal so you're one on one. I was doing other sports and they weren't getting me anywhere. I was doing soccer but I wasn't feeling the vibe, or whatever you call it.

“In here, I get a workout and I feel much better when I get home.

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