Black Belts

New England Small Circle Black Belts

 These determined students have earned their Black Belt rank under Sensei Ed Melaugh in Small Circle JuJitsu- Pratical Street Self Protection. These are the Black Belts promoted since Sensei Melaugh opened his New England Small Circle JuJitsu Academy in May of 1990.


 Earning a Small Circle Black Belt is not the end -

it's a new begining"
Ed Melaugh

Tony Abreu - Andover 7/14/1996 1st degree Black Belt Inactive
Matt Agen - Arlington, 12-5-10 1st dgree Black Belt Inactive

Rick Alford - Burlington, March 2001 3rd degree Black Belt
Dave Blois - Billerica 12-16-2006 1st degree Black Belt inactive

Chuck Boeri -began Sept 1990 Burlington, , 8th degree 11/17 Senior Instructor at NESCJA. Active

Peter Bobo - Nashville, Tenn. 1st degree Black Belt Instructor Active
Joey Brassell - Tennessee, 1st degree Black Belt Instructor Active
Jeanne Camarda - 11-20-1999, 1st degree Black Belt Inactive
John Paul Carlson - Burlington, March 2001- 2nd degree Black Belt Active

Peter Ciampa -Lexington, 12-5-10 1st degree, 2nd degree 3/13, 3rd degree 11/17 Black Belt Active
George Chen Westford 1st degree Black Belt, 2nd degree 8/12/11, 3rd degree 11/17 Active

Peter Clopper -Reading August 1999 1st degree Black Belt Inactive

James DeLuca - Seabrook, NH. 9-12-1998 1st degree Black Belt Inactive

Dan DesRuisseux - Atkinson, NH. 3-23-2002 1st degree Black Belt Inactive

Susanna Fiore 1st degree 11/17 Active

Mike Giacoppo - Burlington, March 2001, Inactive
Shawn Harvey Sr. - Bermuda 2nd degree Black Belt 12-5-2010 Owner/Instructor Bermuda Small Circle JuJitsu Active
Shawn Harvey Jr. - Bermuda Jr. Black Belt 12-5-2010 Active

Monhdil Jose 1st degree March, 2013 inactive

Devin Kinneen -Salem,NH. 11-20-1999 Inactive
Erik Kondo - Lexington 2nd Degree 10/2003 inactive

 Carl Lando -Acton, 7-14-1996 Inactive                                       

Sandy Lasa - Billerica, 11-20-1999 Inactive
Steve Malisos - Salem,NH. 2-12-2000 Inactive
Diane Maskewich - Haverhill, May 1998 Inactive

Todd Mazzeo 1st degree 11/17 Active

Mike Mazzio - Danvers, 2-12-2000 Inactive

Wayne McAllister - Woburn Active

Ray McAllister - Woburn Inactive

  Lauren Nelson - Woburn, March 2001 Inactive
 James Pasquale -Wilmington 12-16-2006 1st degree, 2nd degree 3/13, 3rd degree 11/17 Active
Bruce Pekkala - Maynard 3/10/2001 inactive                                                                     

"Brian Plunkett - Marlblehead 4th degree Black Belt Instructor at NESCJ inactive                                                      

Nuri Shakir - Nashua,NH 12-16-2006, 2nd degree 8/12/11, 3rd degree 11/17 Active
Steve Rita -Seabrook,NH 2nd degree 2/2001 inactive
Chuck Rosa - Seabrook, NH 12-5-2010 inactive
Joe Rosberg - Burlington 12-16-2006 inactive
Larry Ruisi- Lynnfield 4th degree Black Belt instructor Inactive


Paul Skiffington - 4th degree black Belt Instructor NESCJ inactive
Dave Schmeer - Bridgewater 1st degree 3-16-2008, 2nd degree 8/12/11 instructor NESCJA inactive
Jay Smith - 2/12/2000 Inactive
Clare Sullivan- Frankline 2nd degree 5/25/1998 Inactive
Tanya Tammaro - Billerica 2/12/2000 inactive
Dave Towle - Framingham 3/10/2001 inactive

Mark Tuthill - 7th Degree Black Belt 11/2015 Owner Long Island Small Circle JuJitsu Active
Charlie Twomey - 2/12/2000 inactive

Brian Urquhart - Burlington 3/10/2001 inactive
Mike Welch - Burlington 1st dgree instructor NESCJA Inactive

Peter Wolfe - Reading 1st degree 12-5-2010 , 2nd degree 3/13 3rd degree 11/17 Active

Joe Zuccola - Wilmington 3-10-2001, 4th degree, 5th degree 11/17 instructor NESCJA Active

Tom Zulon - Melrose 1st degree 3-10-2001 inactive



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