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This page is dedicated to our students and what they do for a living and what other activities they enjoy.

Joe Aiello

Is a home inspector for I-SPY home inspections.

Joe has been with for over a year

1. 3 years as Home Inspector, 19+ years in construction 

2. Residential Home Inspections, single family, multi units... done some mixed use as well. 

3. Evaluate the entire home (exterior, interior, mechanical systems, electrical, etc) and deliver same day inspection report, per MA Home Inspection standards of practice

4. I-Spy Home inspection. 

5. -THINGS Joe has found during his inspections

Woman's adult toy on the coffee table....swear to God...can u write that??   

   6.  -How about a PG rated version... Once got "Caged" on an inspection... ever heard of this?? Over 100 pictures throughout the home of Nicolas Cage pasted in every possible location. 

7. -Once has a giant dead raccoon fall out of the fireplace flue when I opened to inspect..

Susan Fiore

Teaches piano and performs jazz piano and latin percussion.

Has a studio in Waltham, Fiore Piano Studio  tel. 781-642-1135

also teaches at Powers school in Belmont

Performs with Muse Stew (jazz, latin and brazilian rytham and keys ( piano and percussion)

Enjoys swimming at Waldon pond and camping with her husband Jay

Began training in 1985 in a Women's self defense course, also trained at the YMCA in Newton.

Began training with Ed Melaugh at the NESCJA in 2003 where she said she finally found a home and the type of training that I was searching for.

What Sue likes about our school; 

Ed Melaugh is an inspiring and gifted teacher, he will give you his full attention with boundless energy, explain and show the techniques patiently but also expects his students to put in 100% effort into their training.

Kathleen Kyle

Kathleen is a Dr. Vetertinarian

She  works as an emergency veterinarian in Woburn

She  studied undergrad in Chicago, and vet school at Cornell in upstate NY

Kathleen spent 2 years in the Peace Corps.

For fun, I play dodge ball, take my dogs for walks so everyone can see how great they are, travel to faraway lands, and (lately) attend all the protests...

I picked NESCJA (all those years ago) because after I went around visiting various martial arts academies, I liked the practical/streetwise instruction and the low-stress atmosphere here best.  I made the right call.

(no web sites, no instagram, and my facebook is private)

Michele DeAngelo

Retired after 38 years in Oral surgery. Certified Instructor in CPR and First Aid, owns Commonwealth CPA - www

Schooling College

Michele loves to go to Fitness Kickboxing, she bikes and does Yoga

Michele is an avid runner and competitor in marathons having run the Boston Marathon a number of times, she runs with the Melrose running club.

She started training at the New England Small Circle Jujitsu academy in the Fitness Kickboxing program over 15 years ago. she chose the school because she was looking for something different from other gyms.It was obvious to her that after her first class that she found exactly that.

"It is a complete workout that I have never experienced prior and even after 15 years I am still amazed that the classes just keep evolving. It's more than KB. t's weight training, strength training, TRX, battle ropes biking, and self defense".

"This is without a doubt the best full body training out there" I am very proud member of the the NESCJ/Fitness Kickboxing".


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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness program - lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn self defense, and have some fun, this is the workout for you.

You will never get bored

Morning and Evening classes available



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