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 Sensei Ed Melaugh 9th Degree Black Belt in Small Circle JuJitsu

Professional Background

Sensei Melaugh began his martial-arts training in 1972 in Street JuJitsu as the first student of Master Dave Castoldi. Sensei Melaugh studied with Master Castoldi for 18 years. Training under Master Castoldi set the tone of his future training in practical street self protection.

Sensei Ed Melaugh has the honor of being a Soke Dai (Inheritor) to Small Circle Jujitsu, hand picked by the founder of Small Circle JuJitsu, Professor Wally Jay.

Sensei Melaugh's association with Professor Jay began in 1978. From Professor Jay, he learned to use simple, efficient motions and to attack the opponent's weaker body parts, such as fingers, wrists, and Golgi tendon in the arm. Using small, efficient circular motions and the Small Circle Ten Principles, he could cause pain to render the largest person helpless without causing injury.

Sensei Melaugh was promoted by Professor Jay to Ninth Degree Black Belt 1/23/16 in Small Circle Jujitsu. In 2001, he was asked by Professor Jay to become the head of United States Small Circle Jujitsu Association.

Through his involvement with the JuJitsu America organization, Sensei Melaugh has trained with many world-class teachers,
Prof. Wally Jay, Professor Willy Cahill, the U.S. Olympic Judo coach, and Sijo James DeMile, founder of Wing Chin Do.

DeMile was Bruce Lee's original student in Seattle and helped Lee develop the famous 1- and 3-inch punches. Training with Sijo DeMile added another important component to Small Circle JuJitsu, Entering and Trapping. Studying Master George Dilman's methods added another important element to Small Circle JuJitsu, pressure points.

The blend of Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle JuJitsu, Master Castoldi's Street JuJitsu, and Sijo DeMile's Wing Chin Do and Master George Dilman's pressure points creates an unparalleled system of practical, effective street self protection, Ed Melaugh's Small Circle JuJitsu.

He became the first American, in 2001, to teach Small Circle Jujitsu in the Czech Republic. He has since returned to teach in Prague, Finland, Slovakia, Bermuda, Denmark.  At home, he trains many law-enforcement and security officers in defensive tactics.


Sensei Melaugh was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as JuJitsu Instructor of the Year in 1991. Zen Do Kai has inducted him into their Black Belt Hall of Fame. From JuJitsu America, he received the Instructor of the Year Award in 1993, the Presidential Award in 1990, and was inducted into the Black Belt Hall Of Fame in 1995. In 1996 Sensei Melaugh became the Sport JuJitsu World Champion in Self Defense.

Since 1990 Sensei Melaugh has run a thriving martial arts school, the New England Small Circle JuJitsu Academy near Boston, in Woburn, Massachusetts. He teaches all his classes to both youth and adults. He teaches Small Circle Jujitsu and Jujitsu Defense throughout the United States and in Europe.

He also runs Ed Melaugh's  Fitness Kickboxing program that focuses on well rounded Fitness and Self Defense together that has run successfully for the past 24  years.

Ed also has coached the strength and conditioning for his hometown HS Lacrosse and Hockey teams along with the Raptors club lacrosse teams.  He also was an asst. coach in Lacrosse for Billerica Memorial HS. (2005-2012),and Raptors Lacrosse club. He recently started coaching at Salem State University Men's Lacrosse team in Salem Mass.( 2012-to 2016)  In 2014 Ed became EMLOA lacrosse Offical, officiating lacrosse games for youth, High School, Adult post College.



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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness program - lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn self defense, and have some fun, this is the workout for you.

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