Fitness Kickboxing

Our Fitness Kickboxers are in Great shape and tough

Kickboxers break Med ball slam record 

300 Med ball Slams in one class 

Give us a call 781-932-9366 or email   for more information

Fitness Kickboxing

Meet your Instructors

All members of the 180 year old Club

Ed Melaugh - Jean Johanson - Chuck Boeri

Who are these Fitness Kickboxers?

This picture was taken in 2002 below

on Left Michele Deangelo, Mid Marie Downie, right is Christine Twomey

both Michele and Marie have been with our program since 2002, 14 years

Morning Fitness Kickboxers

Karen, Jess, Cathy, Jean



Fitness Kickboxing



Lose weight, get more energy, Feel Great

Feel safer, learn how to kick and punch, get your frustrations out with our bag work, you will feel better.

The  workout that packs a punch

Taught by seasoned martial arts professionals, all our workouts are never the same, go at your own pace.  Never get bored with our Fitness Kickboxing workout.

Feel safer with our Fitness Kickboxing

 Come in a tryout 2 free classes we have classes in the morning and evening

Call 781-932-9366 or email me at

I take Mastercard and Visa

Wedding Workout

Brides to be, looking for something to do on your wedding day, try our Wedding party workout. Invite your bride maids, mothers of the bride and groom or your whole wedding party.

What a great way to start your fun filled exciting day take the stress out, get a great workout in, fun exciting event to do with your special friends.

contact Ed for details and pricing

781-932-9366 or email




September / October 2017

(New members only)

10 Class Card

For only

$125- reg. $180 save




**Fitness Privates**

Do you want to lose Weight, feel better, get in shape, and learn to protect yourself.

This is a Fun fitness program with many different types of fitness elements

* Strength


* Body Weight Exercises



* Battle Ropes

* Medicine Balls

* Punching bags

* Agility ladders

* Rubber band exercises

* Schwinn Airdyne Bikes

*Learn how to kick and punch bags for self defense

We do it all in a Fun quick paced environment

Schedule some Fitness privates for yourself or with your friends and family.

They are lots of fun and get results, never get bored

Get your employees fit, great team building for your business

Call Ed 781-932-9366

Battle Training Ropes now being incorporated into our FKB Fitness  We now have a 30' - 40' - 50;' battle training ropes.


TRX Suspension Training now incorparated with FKB Fitness









Do you want to feel better and get in shape?

Do you want to feel safer on the streets?

Then this is the program for you


Gyms, health clubs and ordinary fitness programs are fine, if that's all you want.

But why settle for just ordinary when you can have the real thing -- the most effective, intense and fun fitness workout.

If you want lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn how to defend yourself, and have some fun this is the workout for you.

Get the results that you want!

Ed Melaugh's Fitness Defense is at the New England Small Circle Jujitsu Academy in Woburn.

Our Fitness Defense program has been running for the past 18 years. That says alot!! We make our workouts fun, challenging, and differant all the time, so you never get board.

Our classes are taught by seasoned martial art professionals that will show you proper and safe technique on how to kick , punch to make you feel confident.

Our workouts also include toning, stretching, weights, drills, medicine ball, band work, core work, we give you a full body workout, plus the Self-Defense Edge.

All our workouts change from day to day so you will never get bored.

These workouts help in other sports and activities such as running and team sports.

You can experience Ed Melaugh's high-power workouts and training with

2 free, no-obligation classes

in Fitness Defense. You'll have a great time, you'll meet good people, and you'll feel great!

Even the MIU FITNESS has a Martial Arts Edge

Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:15am
Saturday @ 8:15am

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday @ 6:15pm


Walk in class for those of you who are from out of town on business or visiting. Get a great workout in on any of our class times during the week.

Cost walk in class is $ 25-

Ed Melaugh at 781-932-9366.

2 Merrill St. Woburn, Ma. 01801

Check out Monthly special go to Instagram jujitsufitedmelaugh7006

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness program - lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn self defense, and have some fun, this is the workout for you.

You will never get bored

Morning and Evening classes available



Contact Us

New England Small Circle JuJitsu

2 Merrill Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 978-729-9579



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