Student Promotions

Adult Black Belt promotions

Chuck Boeri 8th Degree 11/17 EM Small Circle JuJitsu

Chuck has been with me since Sept 1990

Newest 1st Degree EM Small Circle Black Belts

Susanna Fiore and Todd Mazzeo

Big Congratulations

Very Proud of you 

Black Belt Promotions

3rd, 5th and 8th Degree Black Belts L to R

Joe Zuccola 5th, Peter Ciampa 3rd, Jim Pasquale 3rd, Nuri Shakir 3rd, George Chen 3rd  and Peter Wolfe 3rd  Fantastic Job by everyone.. Always showing improvement and understanding of the EM Small Circle JuJitsu System                         



              Below Adien and Albert


Right Parker

Adult Promotions

                                       Jim Y promoted to Blue Belt

Justin Cremins and Steve Dukas were promoted to orange belt both did a great jop.

Jr Black Belt Promotion 
This Sunday 3/17/13 Tyler Movsiann will be testing for his Jr. Black Belt.  Tyler has been with the school since he was 5 years old and is now 14 yrs old and is a sophmore at Woburn HS.
I am very excited to have Tyler test for his JR Black Belt is will be such an accomblishment he has worked so hard at his training and has been such a wonderful addition to helping teach our youth programs.
Jim Yazell orange belt
Aron V. Orange belt
Peter Lakin Orange belt
Blue Belt
                                Frank Sempi Fi Sullivan 
Thor Mollung
 Joe Fay
Dr. Kathleen Kyle  was promoted to her 2nd degree Brown belt on 11-10-11
Justin Cremins was promoted to his yellow belt on 11-10-11
Todd Mazzeo of Gloucester was also promoted to his 2nd degree brown belt
Black Belt Promotions
On December 5th, 2010 we had Black belt promotions at the school.  Matt Agen. Peter Ciampa, Chuck Rosa, Peter Wolfe went for their 1st degree Black Belt in Small Circle JuJitsu.
Sensei Shawn Harvey from Bermuda went for his 2nd Degree Black Belt
Shawn Harvery Jr. went for his Jr. Black Belt
It was a great day of testing all participants were outstanding showing their self-protection skills that they having been training in for many years all that hard work and dedication were highlighted that day.
 I was very proud of their accomblishments and happy to have them at our school they represent us well.
Congratualtions to all of them   GREAT JOB!
Youth Promotions
                                                                        Golden Eagles
 Tyler U. white/yellow
Matt L. white/yellow
Ally L. white/yellow
Noa M.  white/orange
Nathaniel M. White / Orange
Deanna D.  White/blue
Sophia P.  white/Green
Super Samurai  Promotions  11-22-11
Tyler M.  Brown/ Red   Next belt will be Jr. Black Belt
Kevin D. Purple/ Green
Eamone B.  yellow/orange

Jim W.  Blue

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