Big congratulations to Sensei Chuck Boeri

for his Promotion to 9th Degree Black Belt in 

Small Circle juJitsu

Sensei Joe Zuccola promoted to 6th degree 

Black Belt NESCJ

4th degree Black Belt NESCJ

George Chen, Nuri Shakir, Peter Wolfe

2nd Degree Black Belt NESCJ

Sue Fiore

1st Degree Brown

Paul Buccari

50 Years Anniversary 

Sensei Ed Melaugh celebrates 50 years in the Martial Arts 

Happy Anniversary to Us

We are celebrating our 33 years in business as a proud Small Circle Jujitsu School

Call about our 12 week

Youth Martial Arts programs


Ask about our

Girls Self Defense

Teen assault is REAL, female teens are 4 x's more likely to be a victim of sexual assault

This course will Empower teenage girls to identify potential danger and to learn how to react to a physical attack. They will learn how to fight back and get away safely.

give me a call at 978-729-9579 to register


Check out the adult jujitsu web page for the newest Black Belts

Adult Promotions

Kathleen Kyle

1st Degree Brown Next step Black Belt 


Mike Caputo

Orange Belt

Our Workout space is fully equipment for all your Self Defense and Fitness needs




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New youth classes will be forming for September 2017 in

both Golden Eagels (5/7 yrs)  Super Samurai (8/13 yrs)

look for specials coming up in August 2017

Can Your child protect themselves?

Can you protect yourself?

Do you know how to save yourself when

the attacker has a knife.

Our Self Defense program teaches you in a smart, informed way how to use the right tactic against an armed attacker.


This is a great introduction to Self Defense using Small Circle JuJitsu

for more information give Sensei Ed Melaugh a call or email


Happy Day Promotion

Congratulations to Joe Aiello on his promotion to yellow belt on sat. 10/1/16

from left to right

Sensei John Carlson, Sensei Pete Ciampa, Joe A. Paul Buccari, Sensei Joe Zucola, Sensei George Chen

Private instruction

Stephan Steel came to the school Sunday 10/2/16 and had a private lesson with Sensei Ed Melaugh.

Stephan came up from N.J.

I have known Stephan for many years it was very nice to see him again.

Promotion to 9th degree Black Belt 

Sensei Ed Melaugh was promoted to 9th degree Black Belt on Saturday Jan 23, 2016

I was both surprised and honored that I earned this new rank, I have been training and teaching since 1972 and have run my own full time school since May 1990. 

After Sensei Ed's promotion we went to training, we had a great class of 3 hours. Sensei Mark brought up 3 of his Black Belts from his school Barry Brennan, Tony Peters and Phil Kouffman.  It was so great to see them. it is always wonderful  to get everyone together from the schools to train and reconnect. even in our school sometimes are students and Black Belts don't see each other due to morning and evening class times.

So many great achievements have come my way with the martial arts, first training with my first instructor Sensei Dave Castoldi who gave me the important foundation of thinking Street first, I spent 18 years with Dave. In 1978 I was able to be introduced to Prof. Wally Jay and trained under him and was a partner with him at hundreds of clinic, seminars and demonstrations and was picked as a Soke Dai

(inheritor) to the Small Circle System. Sijo James Demile was so important to my training bringing in the Wing Chun do side ( Sijo was trained by the late Bruce Lee) Sijo also brought in the street side of the martial arts and the entering and trapping that became so important to the way we train now with Small Circle JuJitsu. 

Other notable achievements are becoming a World Champion in 1996 in Self Defense, being inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, winning many self defense competitions , Teaching all over the United States, Europe, and Bermuda.

Many Thanks to all my students and Instructors who have taken this life long journey in the Martial Arts with me.

Big Congratulations to 

Sensei Mark Tuthill

7th Degree Black Belt

on his promotions to 7th Degree Black Belt.  On December 20th in Bermuda, I promoted Mark to his 7th degree Black Belt thru Mark's hard work and determination he has proven over and over again that he deserved this new promotion. Mark started his training with me in 1994 coming up from Long Island NY every month for years and still continues to train with Sensei Ed Melaugh.

Bermuda 2015

Ed Melaugh and Mark Tuthill traveled down to Bermuda to teach at the Bermuda Small Circle JuJitsu Academy  on December 20th 2015, owned by Sensei Shawn Harvey.

We had a great time teaching at Shawn's school all his students from young to adults are so enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Pictured above are Shawns Blazing Baracuda class all of Shawns students are so respectful and fun to be around.

During this trip we taught his younger kids class, the Blazing Baracudas, his Black Belt club class and held a Adult Small Circle JuJitsu seminar.

Shawn has the largest school in Bermuda, he has work so hard along with his wife Terrilyn to make a successful school.

Below are Sensei Ed Melaugh, Sensei Shawn Harvey and Sensei Mark Tuthill

Fitness Warrior Comes in First 

Karen O'Donnell ran a 5k race for childhood cancer in Lexington on Saturday September 12, 2015

Congratulations Karen for doing a great job and for helping out in fighting childhood cancer

What's coming up for 2015 at the school

25 year anniversery

We will be celabrating our 25th year in business this May.  I opened the New England Small Circle JuJitsu Academy in May of 1990

Chuck Boeri my longtime instructor started at the school in September of 1990, I can't believe he has put up with me for all these years.

MIU Fitness 

Mix it up Fitness

Get a fantastic body weight workout that strengthens, tones, creates flexability, train safely and get that full body workout that uses your body weight to get you into peak physical condition. There is great music and so much fun!

Many of our MIU Fitness Warriors are over 50 years old, we do so many differant types of training so you never get bored and it keeps you coming back for more.

Give me a call and set up your 2 free classes or ask about our

10 class card for new comers


   This will be open to anyone if you know of a friend , co-worker, family member who would like to try it out bring them in.

Call 781-932-9366 or email me at

I take Mastercard, Visa


We had a wonderful turnout to help with the attacks, thanks so much and many thanks to my Black Belts for their support, guidance that is needed during these tests.









Sensei Melaughs son Greg, is on the cover of the New England Lacrosse Journal

The story on him is at

Fitness Privates

Do you want to lose Weight, feel better, get in shape -

Schedule some Fitness privates for yourself or with your friends and family.

They are lots of fun and get results, never get bored

Call Ed 781-932-9366


Denmark Trip

We had such a great time on my trip to Denmark,  Karsten Dam was a fantastic host.  the event was in the city of Esjberg a small coastal town on Denmarks western boarder. Friday night I taught at the Esjberg Karate club and had the priviledge of teaching his Black Belts in a special class for them.


Saturday was a fun day, we had a large group of Martial Artists from all over Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Finland.  It was  an enthusiastic group who had a thirst for learn something new.  It is always fun to experience things from a differant culture.  For lunch I was treated to to bread with thin pieces of local chocolate,  Outstanding !!! The group was so kind that they bought me a box of their chocolate Galle & Jessen to bring home with me.

On Sunday we drove to Coppenhagen and experienced the beautiful parks, old world arcitecture, food, and took a boat trip on the canals.  We also went to the Tivoli Amusement park, the oldest amusement park in the world.  We had a really fun day.  The next day we visited the coast and saw the giant statues that overlook the ocean looking for lost fisherman and visited World War 2 German bunkers on the coast.  Many thanks to a great host Karsten Dam and all his students, I felt very welcomed I look forward to seeing them again.































 *****Looking for a yoga instructor******

 If anyone knows for a certified Yoga instructor looking to start a Yoga program at the school, please get in touch with me


Lacrosse All-Americans

 Greg and Ben Melaugh both named Lacrosse All-Americans


Greg was selected as an attack All-America for Merrimack College in

N. Andover Ma.


Ben was selected at a Lacrosse All-America as a attack for Billerica Memorial HS , Billerica, Ma.

College Div. II Northeast Player of the year

Greg Melaugh, Merrimack Attackman

March 13, 2012

Merrimack attackman Greg Melaugh has earned Nike Division II Player of the Week honors for March 13.

The junior attackman from Billerica, Mass., had a big game as the Warriors upset Limestone, 12-11, in non-conference action Saturday.

Melaugh scored with 12.8 seconds left to give the Warriors the victory. For the day, he led the way for the Warriors as he recorded five goals and an assist.

March 26th and May 3rd

Greg was also named Northeast player of the week 2 weeks in a row

May 2nd

Greg was named Northeast Player of the year and 1st team all Conferance attack


Students showing their A Game


Tyler M. shows off his report card of all A's

Tyler now in HS takes all advanced classes with 2 languages







The Dukas family showing off their great report cards.

Kevin, Deanna, Ryan





School-Student News
Jr. Black Belt Invitations
We have 3 new Jr. Black Belt students who were invited into the Jr. Black Belt Club

Mike Pavone of Woburn
Kevin Dukas of Woburn
Josh Welch of Burlington

All 3 have shown their willingness and determination to become better at school, home, and the community. Each had an invitation letter sent to them they had to get a signature from a teacher at school and both parent signatures. They are committing to trying hard at school helping out at home and working as a asst. instructors with me at the school with our Golden Eagles classes'

Congratulations to Mike, Kevin and Josh

Down In Tennessee

Sensei Ed Melaugh, Sensei Mark Tuthill and Sensei Paul Skiffington were down in Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 16,17th teaching Small Circle JuJitsu at Pete Bobo's and Joe Brassell's school.

We had another great time teaching and watching how all the students have come at Joe's school. The Tennessee SCJ group are getting better all the time, both Pete and Joe are doing such a great job down there.

We taught Friday night and all day Saturday. One of the highlites was watching 2 / 6 yr. olds taking part in the seminar and doing a fantastic job. When they had enough training they took a snack and coloring book break.

Prof. Jay would be proud to see the progression of SCJ that he created. We have taken SCJ into practical street self protection like he wanted me to do.

Also I entered the age of YouTube. FInally!!!! With the help of Sue Ragsdale ( Pete's Wife, she set up our YouTube account and we shot 3 video clips for YouTube.

Thanks Sue for all your help!


New Super Samurai Promotions

Pictured are back left to right
Nikko D'ermo and Tyler Movsessian Brown belts

Front l-r
Kevin Dukas Purple, Eamon Bingle Yellow, Mike Pavone Purple


Tyler Movessian had another outstanding report Card Straight A's.

Tyler is a member of our youth Black Belt club and a asst. instructor with me in the youth classes.


Kathleen Kyle, she won 4 Red Sox tickets from the Merrimack College mens Lacrosse raffel.


Kevin Dukas, he was picked to go to the national Scrabble Championships in Florida

Another Winner

Ray Pavone won the Geography Championship at the Joyce Middle school in Woburn

Attention George Chen has a baby!!!

Lockelan Chen born on February 16, 2011.

He weighed in at 7 lbs, 7 oz.

Strengths: Strong grip, fights well off his back


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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness program - lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn self defense, and have some fun, this is the workout for you.

You will never get bored

Morning and Evening classes available



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