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Adult Small Circle JuJitsu

Self Defense

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 am

Sat at 9am

Adult Small Circle JuJitsu self defense

Monday, tuesday, Wed Nights at 

7 PM

33 year Anniversary 
Our 32 year anniversary this year in business May 1990-2023

51 year Anniversary 

Sensei Ed Melaugh celebrates his 51 years in the Martial Arts this year


Looking for a great Martial arts program for your child?

Call and ask about our 12 week martial arts program

looking for Youth Martial arts classes 8-12yrs

give us a call.



     CAN You really DEFEND Yourself?

We are the Adult Self Defense program for you. Great workouts learn self defense that can save your life

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New England Small Circle Jujitsu

Fitness Kickboxing 

A super fun whole body workout that helps you lose weight, tone your body, makes you feel great and always has a self defense twist to it, learn how to kick and punch  978-729-9579

Promoted to 9th degree Black Belt January 23, 2016

 Sensei Chuck Boeri Promoted to his 9 th degree Black Belt, chuck has been with me since 1990

I started the school in May 1990 and went full time in 1993.


50 Year training Anniversary

Sensei Ed started his training in 1972 - 50 years training in martial arts

Sensei Ed Melaugh

Sensei Ed Melaugh, is a highly advanced, 9th-Degree Black Belt in Self Defense / Small Circle Jujitsu, began his training in 1972/ 45 yrs and opened his martial-arts school in Stoneham center in May, 1990. Needing more space, he moved in May, 1993, to Woburn near Montvale Avenue and I-93.

Classes for children and adults ages 5 and up

Men and women, a number of them law-enforcement, security officers, and EMT's learn advanced Self Defense street protection in day and evening classes, including dealing with armed attackers.



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Street Practical Small Circle Jujitsu, Fitness Kickboxing, serves adults, teens and children throughout the greater Boston area.- Ed Melaugh


Street Practical Self Defense

Our Street Practical Self Defense / Small Circle JuJitsu program serves adults, teens and children throughout the greater Boston area since 1990. Students are from more than 48 communities in five states. Some advanced candidates are from overseas.

Youth classes start from age 5 to 13 learn Practical Street Smart Self Defense and schoolyard safety basics. They learn to deal with bullies, how to recognize street threats quickly and how to avoid or deal with them. They learn how to deflect an attacker and get away safely.

Womens/Girls Self defense clinics

Every female has the right to protect themselves, learn great basics on how to stop an attacker so you can get away safely. Learn how to recognise potential danger and learn to react with confidence to stop that atacker

Our Adult Self Defense, Street Smart Small Circle JuJitsu teachs you how to deal with all types of potential attacks, from empty handed, multiple attacks to weapon defense and on ground attacks. learn to stay focused and in control using smart techniques against the attacker, Our Self Dfense is great for law enforcement to help stay in control and to help subdue the attacker. Our self defense program makes perfect sense.

Anyone who is concerned on how to protect themselves we are the Self Defense program for you.

Fitness Kickboxing Workouts

Fitness Kickboxing is a fun filled unique Fitness and self defense workout. this program has been running since 1998.  The workouts are a great calorie burner, that strengthens, and stretches the body, develop a tighter toner body. Our workouts have a never get bored attitude, always something new and never the same.

Learn to punch and Kick and you'll have loads of fun and relive your stress from daily life.

Get a great full body workout all the time with self defense always added into the workouts. if you want to have fun and get results give us a call

Fitness Kickboxing / Self Defense

Self-Defense for the street Program

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Blog Posts


Posted by Brian Plunkett on December 16, 2011 at 12:35pm 0 Comments

One of the reasons that I love Small Circle Jujitsu is that it gives me motivation and great reason to cross-train.  Cross-training involves doing other activities or exercises with the goal of helping you train for your primary pursuit, such as Small Circle Jujitsu.  I have always tried to train as rigorously as possible in jujitsu class in order to get the most out of my limited time in class. I never get enough time in class though.  Over the years, I have had to come up with other ways to try to stay in good enough shape to be as effective as possible in Small Circle Jujitsu and to give myself the best chance at self-defense.  I am motivated to do other things – to cross-train – because I know that this will help improve my Small Circle Jujitsu.  Knowing that every little bit helps, it makes these other activities much more fun and meaningful.  

So what else do I do?  First, I try to walk as much as possible.  Instead of taking the subway to my office in Boston, I make…


Why I train at NESCJA

Posted by Brian Plunkett on December 16, 2011 at 12:27pm 0 Comments

I have continued to train over the years at NESCJA and look to Sensei Ed Melaugh as a mentor because Small Circle Jujitsu is the most complete and practical self defense training that I have experienced.  We constantly challenge ourselves to get better and more efficient at defending all varieties of attacks including open hand attacks, grabs, punches, kicks, knife mugs (both moving and static), club, bat and machete attacks, both gun and assault rifle confrontations, and multiple attacker scenarios.  We always train to defend ourselves while staying standing if possible but we are prepared to go to the ground and grapple and defend quite readily.  Many of us probably go the mat too quickly for Sensei Melaugh's liking!  Our philosophy at NESCJA is to offer many different tools to our students who will then find the right ones to fit their body types, movement styles and personalities.  We teach our students to make the best decisions possible and to never give up and to keep…


Best Self Defense School

Posted by Joseph M. Pires on December 10, 2011 at 5:52pm 0 Comments

Every time I come to class, I am convinced what I am learning from Ed Melaugh at New England Small Circle Jujitsu in Massachusetts (MA) is the best form of practicle self defense.  I met Ed Melaugh through a referral from Professor Dave Castoldi.  It only took one class to make me a believer. "This is the one!" 
Ed and his team have proven to me that no matter how strong, big, tall, male/female, or even rank... that anyone (in a short amount of time) can learn to protect themselves effectively and get out of a bad situation.  If you are searching for great well rounded Martial Arts School with friendly people who are always eager to help and share information, you found it!                Thank you Ed Melaugh for your commitment and dedication to the Art of Small Cicle JuJitsu and Practicle Self Defense!

Joe Pires

Check out Monthly special go to Instagram jujitsufitedmelaugh7006

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness program - lose weight, tone up, stretch out, relieve stress, get stronger, learn self defense, and have some fun, this is the workout for you.

You will never get bored

Morning and Evening classes available



Contact Us

New England Small Circle JuJitsu

2 Merrill Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 978-729-9579




 Do you really know how to protect yourself?

NO Really can you stop the attacker trying to cut / stab you, would you know how to react the right way.

Do you know what to do when you are knocked to the ground?

Do you know how to quickly see the attackers mistake and use the right tactic to drop him FAST.

If you Don't this is the program for You. give us a call 978-729-9579


Private Lessons

 Private one on one
 Semi-private 2 plus (share the cost)

Lessons can be taught in

1.Self Defense / Small Circle JuJitsu / Street Smart Self-Protection,
 2. Fitness Kickboxing
 3. Personal / Group Fitness 

Contact Ed Melaugh

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